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Purchasing Bitcoin

  • Coinbase can be used to purchase Bitcoin, which can then be used to exchange for Namecoins. Currently, this is the most convenient way to acquire Namecoins.

Bitcoin Faucets

1. Register account at an exchange that supports trading BTC for NMC.

2. Find free Bitcoin faucets, for example, at Freecoins or getbitcoins there many, and put the bitcoin address of your trading account in all the pages that offer free 0.0001 bitcoins every hour. Repeat and wait for the coins to arrive.

3. Convert your free Bitcoins to some Namecoins!

4. Send them to your namecoin wallet.

5. You can now register names.

As of now you may have to do this up a few times to have enough to register one domain name for a year. This may be only thing you can buy with the micro-bitcoins you obtain from a faucet.


Namecoins are mined in the same method as bitcoins.

At the time of writing, the only way of mining Namecoins efficiently is merged mining, i.e. Namecoins are mined as a free by-product of Bitcoin mining. Only a few mining pools offer merged mining, see Comparison of Mining Pools.

Namecoin Exchanges

  • See the Trade page for a list of exchanges that sell namecoins.

Over the counter (OTC) trading

Earn bitcoin

You can always sell something for btc, in bitmit or in your web, with bitpay, and then exchange it for namecoins. Work for bitcoins at bitcoinjobs etc.

Receiving Namecoins

To receive namecoins, you'll need a namecoin address. To generate a new address, do:

./namecoind getnewaddress

Each time you type this command, this will generate a new address. Namecoin addresses start with the letter 'N' or 'M' (example : N1KHAL5C1CRzy58NdJwp1tbLze3XrkFxx9)

Note: old namecoins addresses start with 1, like bitcoin addresses. To avoid confusion, format has been changed.

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