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This method will not work with DNS redirector / false DNS records. See Troubleshooting for more infos.


  • Download this file (you may need to right click, save as).
  • Some browsers change the file extension to ".reg.txt". Should that be the case rename it back to ".reg"
  • Double-click the downloaded file (you may need to disable/enable your network connection, or reboot if you don't know).

Mac OS

  • Open 'System Preferences' and click on 'Network'
  • Fill the 'Search Domains' field with ''
  • Apply

Linux GUI

  • Go to the NetworkManager GUI, e.g. from toolbar icon
  • Edit Connections -> "Choose your connection here" -> IPv4Settings tab
  • Choose "Automatic (DHCP) addresses only" and fill in DNS servers with the one provided by your ISP, and fill 'search domains' with ''. You may need to disable/enable the connection once.

POSIX systems (linux, bsd, etc)

  • in '/etc/resolv.conf', replace the line starting with 'search' or add it :


  • Go to 'Settings', Wifi and select your network
  • Fill the 'search domains' field with ''

Android - not finished yet

Android 2.3 seems to redirect unrecognized tlds to a google search so you need to add http:// in front of a .bit domain. Bummer.

There is an app in the store called "set dns" that claims to be able to set the nameserver and also the suffix - did not work for me either.

Looks like Android uses a different path /etc/ppp/resolv.conf or does not use resolv.conf at all.

Tried these properties but no luck yet (can be read/set with getprop and setprop from the shell):

net.dns1 net.dns2 -> space separated domain search suffixes (used e.g. by VPN)

There are additional dns server properties that may have to be changed. The properties are not persistent over a reboot.

Additional help


  • Suffix will not work with DNS redirector [a stupid idea]

This will not work if your default DNS server returns false records and ad pages for unresolvable domains.

To know if you are concerned, visit an non existent domain like

If your browser says the domain doesn't exist, you are not concerned. (see for more tests)

To resolve the problem, you need to manually change your DNS servers.

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