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Bounty: Namecoin Web User Interface (WUI)

Requirements: General

  • Open Source License
  • Simple to setup and run, no external dependencies
  • Works with any modern web browser, cross platform

Requirements: Functionality

  • basic *coin management: (getinfo, listtransactions, sendtoaddress, etc)
  • namecoin name browsing: (name_list, name_scan)
  • namecoin d/ (.bit) browsing: based on current Domain names Draft Specification
  • namecoin name management: (name_new, name_firstupdate, name_update)

Prototype system

namecoind + web browser + external html/javascript file.

  • no changes to namecoind required
  • works via standard web browser
  • via javascript calls into namecoind RPC port

Final system

namecoind + web browser.

  • Patch for namecoind to support internal WUI
  • all functionality integrated into namecoind
    • new options/commands for WUI configuration
    • all html/javascript served by namecoind, with no external files required

More info

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