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Warning: this page is outdated => please, go to the TODO page.




Here is the project roadmap :

Step 1 : Implement the new domain spec :

  • Finish the v1 of the new domain spec [almost finished, need testing in real world]
  • Implement the spec in DNS script bridges and release them
  • Implement the spec in a proxy (ncproxy, python script available on git in the "/client" folder requires a lot of work to include all tor/i2p things]
  • Test nmcsocks proxy & dns (currently implements most of the spec)

Step 2 : Once the new domain spec is implemented :

  • Release an easy GUI to manage domains (Voicedotbit is the first candidate, but no easy DNS configuration available)
  • Try integrating namecoin in existing DNS projects (openNIC, openDNS, etc)
  • Make a 1 step installer for end users : things need to be simple at the end, with a local namecoind to keep the security of being decentralized
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