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Voicedotbit is a GUI for namecoin written in c++ using gtkmm-2.4 for the user interface. Eventually it will be a voice onion router using namecoin for identity management. The namecoin related features are fully functional. It connects to namecoind using JSON-RPC calls. On the first startup, it tries to self-configure by reading USER/.namecoin/bitcoin.conf. Failing this, it guesses default values.


  • Register names
  • Update names
  • Send NMC
  • View addresses
  • Manage/update names
  • View transactions
  • View network info
  • Configure namecoind connection
  • Buddy List (doesn't do anything right now)


So far, it has only been tested on Ubuntu 10.04. Other Linux distributions should work. See the INSTALL file for details.


  • libssl (openssl)
  • libcurl
  • libasio c++ networking library
  • boost c++ libraries (1.40 - linking to 1.42 doesn't work)
  • sqlite3
  • gtkmm

Name/Value Format

(This is a work in progress. Comments are welcome on the discussion page.)

It's probably impossible to enforce a namespace since transaction confirmation doesn't care about whether the namespace has an appropriate value. Informally, "v/" will be used.

The value type would vary slightly, depending on the type of user.

  "version": 1,
  "subtype": "user",
  "public_signing_key": "MWRmN3M3Nmp2OGEzbnY0MDF2TlJTMFBzNTY1MVZma3M=",
  "public_encryption_key": "TVdSbU4zTTNObXAyT0dFemJuWTBNREYyVGxKVE1GQno=",
  "relays": [ "v/egalitarian" , "d/niceguy" , "v/charity" ]

Note: The number of relays is variable.

  "version": 1,
  "subtype": "relay",
  "public_signing_key": "MWRmN3M3Nmp2OGEzbnY0MDF2TlJTMFBzNTY1MVZma3M=",
  "public_encryption_key": "TVdSbU4zTTNObXAyT0dFemJuWTBNREYyVGxKVE1GQno=",
  "address": "",
  "btc_address": "1FhMcuy9nYGgNtgb7Rf4CgEYZe6asfJboU",
  "nmc_address": "NDc579WNW9TTsayZ7K25bgrfAQ1v3ncoFz"

Note: A single entry cannot contain both relay and user information. Publishing an address would compromise a user's identity. A user and a relay could both operate some the same host. If Alice wants to be both a user and a relay, she could register two names: d/alice and d/princealbert. She would configure d/alice as a user, d/princealbert as a relay and keep her ownership of the d/princealbert confidential.

Current Release

Deb package: http://jailcity.com/voicedotbit/voicedotbit_0.1_i386.deb

GitHub: https://github.com/teathsch/voicedotbit

Project Web site: http://jailcity.com/voicedotbit/

Please send any feedback to teathsch@jailcity.com

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