Namecoin Tools

Domain search

Search names for availability, display expire time and other infos if domain exists.

Domain check

Check your json syntax before doing a name_firstupdate or a name_update.

Domain cost

Gives you the current cost of a domain name in NMC, BTC and USD by using recent market prices.

Mining calculator

Estimate your namecoin rewards with your mining hash power.

Next difficulty

Namecoin and bitcoin estimated difficulties with bitcoin/namecoin ratios to compare with current market price.

Namecoin block explorer [explorer.bit]

Namecoin block explorer, allow you to search for transaction, address, block and names. Also available for testnet.

Namecoin Services

Register a .bit domain [register.bit]

Allow you to register a .bit domain by paying it directly with bitcoins, without any configuration.

Bitparking exchange

Buy or sell NMC or BTC on Bitparking Namecoin Exchange.

DotBit Search engine

Search engine for .bit domains.

Name Alert

Receive notifications on record update and before domain expiration.

.bit website proxy

Allows you to view .BIT namecoin domains without any DNS modications or special software.